Can’t See or Edit Content of Posts\Pages on WordPress

If you can’t edit posts or pages on WordPress because the visual editor is blank when you write, or when you click on “edit page” or “edit post”, the textarea is blank, then most probably your website can’t load the TinyMCE library.


The problem is a 404\403 error on this file:


Fix wp-tinymce.php 403\404 error:

1) Try to re-upload the file wp-tinymce.php
2) Edit .htaccess to allow access to wp-tinymce.php
3) Edit Nginx locations to allow access to wp-tinymce.php
4) Try to re-install WordPress
5) Disable all loaded WordPress plugins
6) Check if the issue happens also with the default theme
7) Use your web browser to diagnose JS errors
8) Refresh the web page

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