Cannot Access Attachments Upload Path SMF Forum

How to fix “Cannot access attachments upload path” error on SMF Forum? This is an example file upload error message that you may encounter when you try to upload an image or a file as attachment in your SMF Forum website:

An Error Has Occured!
Cannot access attachments upload path.

Here are 3 steps to fix that error:

1) Check Path of Attachments Directory

Login as Admin to your SMF forum website, then open the page Admin Panel -> Attachments and Avatars and write the full path to the attachments directory, for example:


2) Check Permissions of Attachments Directory

Set the correct permissions to attachments directory. Some hosting providers set the permissions of folders to a too restrictive rule, use chmod to fix the permissions:

chmod 777 /var/www/

3) Enable File Uploads in PHP.ini

Many hosting providers disable by default the file uploads directive in the PHP.ini configuration file. To enable it, edit the PHP.ini (/etc/php5/fpm/php.ini) and set:

file_uploads = On

Restart the web server.

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